Females conducting strip searches of men

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Think about that for minute:
The "correctional" system has a long history of failing to police itself adequately. It is their lawsuit that was filed last month. He said precedent also allows female officers to observe unclothed male inmates in their cells and in the showers. A federal judge threw out portions of his lawsuit but allowed a jury to decide whether the incident was an unreasonable and unconstitutional search. The Supreme Court declined to take the case. Monitor Daily Current Issue.
In city jails, however, neither strip searches nor cavity checks of visitors are seen no evidence of officers conducting inappropriate searches of visitors. 30 other women and one man who have alleged improper searches. authority to conduct body searches, including strip-searches, on men and women in prison in two circumstances: firstly, when the general.

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In jails is necessary to do strip searches on inmates. Male inmates are often subjected to all sorts of added humiliations like the pink underwear requirement in Arizona that include cross-gender strip searches - under the veil of "for everyone's safety," and the disingenuous argument that a woman's right to conduct this humiliation via her right to "correctional" employment outweights the fundamental right of a male not female citizen to retain some degree of human dignity upon arrest. The mind set is, males are stimulated by the viewing of unclad females, while females have no desire of such a view.
Once in jail, she says she was ordered to take off her clothes so corrections officers could inspect her. Randy Smith filed a dissent joined by four other judges. Basically, that is how it alrady is conducted for female inmates throughout the U. Certainly, we don't want wardens, prison administrators and correctional officers to have the latitutde to determine what does and does not cross the human rights line. Strip-search of year-old girl was illegal. She said jail policies permit men and women to be strip searched only in accordance with state law.
Along with 15 to 40 other women at a time, she would be told to spread her legs, squat three times and cough, in order to free any hidden contraband. If someone didn't do it just so, everybody had to do it again. She would be instructed to spread her buttocks. To lift her breasts. To lift her stomach, if she had flab. Menstruating women had to remove their sanitary napkins, often Females conducting strip searches of men blood to drip to the floor. Townsend, last in jail in February on drug possession charges, remembers the guards joking and calling the women "whores" and "bitches.
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