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Age: 27
Weight: 172
Height: 52
Size: 2
Thankfully, this only happens at home but I have had some close calls while out at school or at other places. January 25, Reply.
I have tried everything. The urge is too strong and too sudden. This too will pass! You may benefit from training your brain to wake up from deep sleep. Gave us a pill it is called DOAVP, and there is a generic it has really helped, he once in awhile will have a wet nite but he even got up in the nite to go!
If you find that for some reason she or he is not able to get your child dry quickly .. I have wet my bed and to a lesser extent, my pants, my entire life. In other words I'm jolted awake seconds after I feel myself start to pee in my dream. You may have a story about that one time you peed all over yourself. If you don't, your turn. Tell us a story about when you peed your pants.

Bed Wetting Causes

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My step son for 2 years has peed pretty consistently every night. February 21, Reply.
June 29, Reply. The process can take 3 months or more and the first few weeks can be really tough. They have a large number of doctors answering questions and may be able to help you. My best to you. I wish I could just get rid of the issue altogether and just be normal. Hello my names haley and I am
January 22, Reviewed by: Greene, My eight year old son has wet the bed consistently for as long as I can remember. He feels terrible about it and I feel like a failure as a parent. My mother says it is because he has emotional problems. What are the real bed wetting causes? Children who can control their bladders during the day, but who have never been dry at night for at least a six month period, have what He herself himself pants peeing piss she known medically as primary nocturnal enuresis PNEthe most common form of bed-wetting.
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